Highly developed standard modules, specific software,
ability to integrate and customize these features
to meet customer expectations.

1. General Design

Definition of objectives and constraints, data analysis, flow charts and operations.

2. Offer Preparation

Layout configuration, module sizing, hw-sw architecture, masterplan executive phases, performance tables and detailed budget, calculation of fullcost and return of investment

3. Design

Engineering of technical, mechanical and electrical specifications.
SW development of the plant and interface with the customer’s WMS, development of the final layout, individual modules and interfaces.

4. Execution

Production of components, assembly and pre-testing.

5. Project Management

Planning and coordination of all assembly, installation and operation tests.

6. Installation,start-up and testing

Assembly of the entire plant at the customer premises, complete support during all phases of start-up and final acceptance test.

7. Training

Staff training during and after installation for operation and applied safety.

8. Monitoring and Technical Assistance

Programming of scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance, custom inspections, quality controls, immediate on-site interventions 24/ 7.


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